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Thank you so much for your inquiry about our Association! The Colorado/Wyoming Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association has been the united voice of petroleum marketers since 1934. The Association represents the independent petroleum marketers in the wholesale and retail business of selling gasoline, special fuel, biofuels and lubricants. In Colorado our members sell approximately sixty percent of all gasoline and special fuel sold at wholesale and retail through their own fuel outlets or dealers. In Wyoming, our members sell eighty percent of all gasoline, special fuel and biofuels at wholesale and retail. Total retail outlets are over 1,200.

We have approximately 115 associate members in our Association, and reciprocal business relationships are encouraged between our members and associate members. Our associate members are companies or individuals that are our industry partners whose services or supplies are sold to petroleum marketers. These associate companies range from banking, c-store products, equipment, environmental consultants, software developers and many more…that are used by our members. We firmly believe that you would benefit from this direct pipeline to our members.

The Association’s primary purpose is to promote fair enactment of state and federal legislation and regulations relating to our members that may also affect the Association associate members. We also routinely weigh in on many small business issues that directly impact your business. We will also actively lobby associate member-related issues if you will contact us. By joining, you will be well represented, informed and updated on all state and federal issues.

Our twice-a-month newsletter, Marketer News, also keeps you current and up-to-date on important information concerning state and national legislative and regulatory issues, along with industry news.

We also provide educational seminars/workshops throughout the year that offer invaluable information on important issues that affect both our marketers and associate members. We utilize our associate members to participate in some of these seminars, as well as furnish us with articles for our Marketer News. In addition, we offer Association endorsed health, property and casualty insurance plans and workman’s compensation for our members and associate members. Many times, the money saved and discounts earned through these insurance programs will more than cover the cost of membership.

We know you will benefit from becoming an associate member. We will be happy to give you names of current associate members that you can call for a reference. CWPMA understands that the success of our Association depends largely on how well we interact and partner with our associate members to best maximize their experience as well as providing top notch providers for our marketer members. We sincerely hope that you will consider joining our organization. Please call and let us know if we can be of further assistance.