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Thank you so much for your inquiry about our Association! Colorado-Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA) has been the united voice of petroleum marketers since 1934. The Association represents the independent petroleum marketers in the wholesale and retail business of selling gasoline, special fuel, biofuels and lubricants. Our members sell approximately 60 percent of all gasoline and special fuel sold at wholesale and retail in Colorado through their own fuel outlets or dealers. In Wyoming, our members sell approximately eighty percent of all gasoline and special fuel at wholesale and retail. Total retail outlets are over 1,200.  We currently enjoy 112 marketer members and 115 associate members in our Association. Our associate members are companies or individuals that are our industry partners whose services or supplies are sold to petroleum marketers.  

Our number one priority as an association is to assure our members voices are heard by representing them in both legislatively (state and federal) hallways and in the regulatory arena.  CWPMA continually works to promote the fair enactment of state and federal legislation and regulations relating to its members.  We strive to provide avenues to improve member’s individual business as well as keep members educated about regulations impacting the industry.  In today’s business world, laws and regulations come from all directions, increasing in sheer number and complexity.  This has never been truer than over the past few years. Few petroleum marketers can hope to comply with all these regulations unassisted, especially since the penalties for violation can be extremely severe. When you join our Association, you immediately become a valued member by receiving high quality service from Association experts in analyzing regulations and industry trends.

Our experienced and appropriately aggressive lobbying efforts give Association members a voice that is heard by federal and state lawmakers and regulators.  

On the national scene we are:

•    Working with the federal agencies on marketer transportation compliance issues, particularly with the DOT and Homeland Security.
•    Working with a number of federal regulatory agencies… EPA, IRS, FMCSA and OSHA to name a few…on      issues affecting the petroleum
•    Becoming a resource for the Colorado and Wyoming congressional delegations on issues affecting the                                                        Association members.
•    Monitoring the fast-moving alternative fuels mandates and regulations.
•    Working for relief from monopolistic credit card interchange fees.
•    Fight automatic temperature compensation at the retail level.

We also partner with our parent national organization, Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) on federal legislation and regulatory issues. You are always kept aware and up to date on activities by congress and federal regulators on petroleum marketer-related subjects, many which will directly affect your business.

In Colorado, we have an excellent track record of drafting and lobbying legislation that benefits petroleum marketers.  The Association sponsored legislation to fine-tune the state petroleum storage tank fund, to modify fuel excise tax regulations, to simplify tax-free sales of clear diesel and to prevent the initiation of costly and unnecessary Stage II vapor recovery regulations.  Our legislative track record in Colorado includes:

•    Increasing the penalty for gasoline drive-offs, including the loss of an individual’s driver’s license.
•    Stopping legislation, which would have affected marketers advertising allowances paid by suppliers
•    Stopping legislation, which would have allowed the state government to set up fueling centers in rest stops.
•    Passed a bill to prohibit the sale of cigarettes produced for export but diverted back to the U.S. and sold for a substantially lower price thereby creating a “gray market” for cigarettes.
•    Passed a bill to allow the port of entry personnel to check the fuel tanks of vehicles stopped at the ports for use of dyed diesel.  
•    Passed a bill, which addresses tax evasion and headed up the development of the regulations.  
•    Assured the continued shrinkage allowance deduction for diesel fuel.

The Association works closely with the Colorado Department of Labor on underground and aboveground tank regulations; the Department of Revenue on excise taxes, and with numerous commissions regarding air quality issues which affect petroleum marketers.

In Wyoming, the Association introduced major changes in excise tax legislation by moving the tax to the rack.  The Association has defended the right of our members to pay the excise taxes to their suppliers without losing the float and with taxes paid on net or gross gallons.   

In cooperation with the Department of Environmental Quality, we introduced legislation to establish financial responsibility for underground storage tanks and corrective action accounts to pay for contamination clean up. The Association has worked with the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Office for an agreement with Native Americans to collect motor fuel taxes on fuel used off the reservation.  This agreement has been signed.

The Association claimed victory in the Wyoming legislature by amending HB-007, Fuel Tax Revisions bill to include all the changes outlined by the Wyoming Board of Trustees.  These changes included: 1.) Delete the authority of the DOT to promulgate rules and regulations regarding bonding requirements; 2.) Delete the requirement that tank wagons must have ticket printers; 3.) Added actual shrinkage allowance of 1% plus 130 gallons; 4.) Sales of clear diesel fuel will be sold with the tax included and exempt users will apply for their refund.

In addition the Association was most recently successful in keeping the below cost selling prohibitions from being repealed. SF09-186 redefined cost as actual cost and prohibits selling below those costs except for specifically provided for circumstances and sales. The only provision that made it into the bill that CWPMA opposed was protection of Customer Loyalty programs. At the end of the day however, a right to private action was also allowed. The bill will help police below cost selling violators. The Association vows to continue the fight against Loyalty programs.  

Finally, the Association fought and won a battle with the Department of Environmental Quality on the Operator Training requirements mandated by the EPA and Congress. Significant gains were made that better reflect the EPA guidelines recommendation that the Department was interpreting much too stringently. Consequently, marketers will have more realistic requirements to follow.

Other areas you will benefit by joining, you will be informed and updated on state and federal issues through our twice a month Newsletter, Marketer News.   Our newsletter contains up to the minute information about regulations and legislation that can impact petroleum marketers. The newsletter is FREE to all Association members.  In addition, members receive our Association magazine, The Marketer, published three times a year, which includes timely articles written by industry experts, legislative introductions, and product and service information, including important and timely marketer news.     

Throughout the year the Association also provides seminars that educate members on environmental regulations, drug/alcohol testing and certification, IRS excise tax information, legal seminars that pertain to employee hiring & firing, ADA and other regulations as needed.  We also provide seminars that pertain to convenience stores, such as category management, tobacco sales and c-store design, layout and marketing.  

The Association rotates its Annual CWPMA Convention and Trade Show between Colorado and Wyoming. This is where Association members attend timely seminars, find out the very latest in products and services and spend “quality time” with fellow marketers.  As your Association, we are very proud of the reputation of the convention with respect to member networking, friendship development and relationships formed within the Association and the petroleum industry.

The 2011 Convention and Trade Show will be held at The Beaver run Resort  in Breckenridge, CO from September 17 – 21, 2011.  The Convention program always includes seminars that pertain not only to regulations and important compliance information, but technology and product information as well.  Members always pay a reduced rate for their convention registration and the top-notch entertainment.

Our Association gives back to the community by hosting a Charity Golf Tournament every year benefiting Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).  CCI is a nonprofit organization that raises and trains service dogs that are then given to individuals with disabilities to help them lead a normal life.  So far we have raised enough money to purchase and train over thirty-one dogs for CCI.  We are very proud of the support our members have given this project. The 14th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament was held June 7, 2011 at Green Gables Country Club Golf Club in Lakeood, CO.

Finally and importantly, CWPMA also endorses special programs for its members that include:

•    A very competitive casualty and liability insurance plan;
•    A very competitive group health insurance plan;
•    Colorado Workers Compensation plan.  Many times, you Association dues are more than covered by the discounts gained from our Workers Comp. Program.  (Stan Castner, Association Insurance Management, will contact you once you become a member of the Association).
•    USIS

We encourage you to call any of your fellow marketers and industry associates that belong to the Association and ask them about the benefits they have received from being a member.  Please contact us if you would like the names and numbers of marketers in your area.  Feel free to call us at anytime if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you into the Association.